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Approval Diving People 3 – “Joined and Undaunted”

Approval Diving People 3 – “Joined and Undaunted”

Ranging from 1965 and you can 1972 areas of the newest Ran undertook carried on operational provider in Vietnam. Brand new RAN’s top sum contained destroyers, Collection Heavens Sleeve professionals connected with good You (US) Army physical violence chopper company together with Royal Australian Sky Force’s (RAAF’s) No. 9 Squadron, a clearance Dive People, and you may an excellent logistic service push including transportation and you can escort boats. Almost every other Ran professionals offered ashore during the medical communities or performed personnel requirements at Australian Embassy inside Saigon or perhaps the Australian Activity Push Headquarters inside the Nui Dat. The newest Went Fleet Ring and completed a primary tour out-of Vietnam funny soldiers throughout attacks away from other individuals and you can recreation (RR).

The latest Vietnam Battle wasn’t a significantly naval dispute however for the 13 escort service Wolverhampton,five-hundred people in this new Ran exactly who noticed energetic services it absolutely was certainly a high tempo environment. The new RAN’s sum, in the event brief when comparing to compared to the united states Navy (USN), is actually diverse and you can starred an important part about Australian Forces complete relationship.

Very early goodwill visits

Though the RAN did not become operationally involved in the Vietnam conflict until 1965, HMA Ships Vampire and Quickmatch were the first ships in the area when they made a goodwill visit to Saigon in 1962. They were followed the next year by the Q Class destroyers HMA Ships Quiberon and Queenborough. These were not operational visits: but designed to show Australian government support for the government in Saigon, and members of the ship’s company visited the Vietnamese Special Forces training centre and carried out other ‘flag showing’ activities. During the 1963 visit the small Vietnamese naval vessel K? Hoa accidently rammed and holed Quiberon while coming alongside her.

During this time the fresh new Navy performed multiple functional jobs on ocean, ashore and in the atmosphere

Certainly among the many smallest, and you may unique, Australian tools to help you suffice during the Vietnam try Australian Clearance Dive Party Three (CDT3). These people were a top-notch out-of forty-two officials and guys; divers competed in the brand new dangerous providers out-of volatile ordnance discretion, which centered an alluring history of courage and you can development over time out of battle about soul of diver’s motto “United and Undaunted”.

Brand new Ran officially situated a clearance Dive part inside the 1951, and you will a cellular Approval Plunge Cluster for the 1956. When you look at the s was indeed accredited within the Sydney – CDT1 and you can CDT2. Shortly afterwards CDT1 implemented having training for the South-east China, and additionally seven days inside Vietnam performing procedures with the Western equivalents. The Dominating Officer off CDT1 is actually of your own look at you to a good Went dive party will make a worthwhile sum into Australian efforts within the Vietnam and you will recommended that CDT1 be deployed having a 3 to 6 month several months. The latest Ran recognized the formation of CDT3 in late 1966 because the you to element of a larger naval contribution toward battle from inside the Vietnam.

The first contingent of six personnel arrived in Vietnam on 6 February 1967 and were initially attached to a United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team based in Saigon. They then moved to Vung Tau and assumed responsibility for the defence of shipping against enemy attack, known as Operation STABLE DOOR. The team was responsible for searching the hulls and anchor cables of shipping in the Vung Tau anchorages or alongside, for improvised explosive devices. In one particular incident, Viet Cong sappers penetrated the Vung Tau port area and placed home made and Russian limpet mines on the hull of the MV Heredia and a nearby wharf. The home made device partially exploded during search operations, and team members removed the Russian mine. Additional tasks included the salvage of downed military helicopters, searching villages for ammunition caches and demolishing Viet Cong cave and tunnel complexes.

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